Teeth for Life

We want every patient we see to have the opportunity to be as healthy as possible. Below you will find some information about keeping your teeth healthy, hopefully for a lifetime.

Electric brush vs manual brush

We are always asked about the difference between a manual brush and an electric brush. Is it really better to use an electric brush? Absolutely! Your hand will never be as fast as the electric brush no matter how much you exercise. It is always obvious to us who is using an electric brush because we can see the difference. If you really want to remove more plaque, have cleaner teeth and easier check-ups, then switch to an electric brush.

How should I be brushing my teeth?

We find that there are a lot of different techniques for brushing teeth. Some are more effective than others, and we recommend the following. Angle your brush at 45 degrees toward the gum. Focus on brushing at the gumline, as this is where plaque will collect. Do not scrub the teeth and gums like you would a dirty pan, simply make gentle, almost circular strokes with the brush positioned as described. Focus on brushing only 2-3 teeth at a time and develop a system to make sure each surface is brushed. For instance, start on the upper right, on the outside of your teeth. Work your way around the outside then back around on the inside. Now switch to the outside of the bottom teeth. Start on the right and work your way around, then back on the inside. Finish by scrubbing the biting surfaces of your back teeth. There is no gum tissue here to damage, so you don’t need to be as gentle!

How do I floss my teeth?

First, pull a piece of floss 15-18 inches long. Yes, that much! Now wrap it around your middle fingers on each hand, then use your index fingers to control it as you insert it between your teeth. When you feel the floss slip under where your teeth touch, pull it against one of the teeth almost as if you are trying to wrap it around the tooth. Then gently move it up and down against this surface. Now do the same to the other tooth, then pull the floss out and move to the next contact!

How do I use the soft picks or the proxy brush?

images1Soft picks and proxy brushes are used in the same way. Simply insert them from the inside or outside, just under where the teeth touch. Work them in and out of the area to remove plaque and food that may accumulate. Rinse the proxy brush and store so that it can be reused. Soft picks are disposable and can be discarded after each use.