Post Appointment FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions we often encounter following common dental procedures:

I just had a filling placed, when can I eat?

As soon as you are comfortable to eat or drink you can do so. The filling is “set” as hard as it will be, but you may need to wait until the numbness goes away before you eat or drink. If your child has had a filling placed, please ask them not to chew on their lip, as they can injure it while it is still numb and not feel any pain.

How long will the numbness last?

This is a difficult question to answer because anesthesia affects people very differently. In most cases, numbness will last 2-3 hours. Please be careful not to bite or injure your lip or tongue, which is easy when it is numb. If you numbness does not go away within 4 hours, please call us.

I just had a crown placed, when can I eat?

Please wait at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking after your crown or bridge has been placed. This will allow the cement to fully set.

I had a fluoride treatment, when can I eat or drink?

Please try not to drink anything hot, like tea or coffee, or eat sticky foods for 4 hours. The hot drinks will remove the fluoride from your teeth, as will the sticky foods. Cold drinks and most non-sticky foods will not affect the fluoride treatment and can be eaten immediately after your appointment.

How long should I expect to have discomfort after my procedure?

The healing time for procedures varies greatly, but most fillings and crowns should not cause any discomfort after 1-2 days. Sometimes, the gum will be sore after these treatments, but normally heals very quickly. Other procedures, such as extractions or gum surgeries can take longer to heal and that will be discussed with you at that procedure. You can refer to our PreOp/PostOp instructions page for more information or call our office should you feel there is a problem.

How do I care for my temporary crown?

Your temporary, or provisional, crown was placed to protect the tooth while the permanent crown is being fabricated. It is cemented with a temporary cement so be sure to not chew gum as it may stick to the provisional crown. It is also best to avoid very hard foods, like hard pretzels or almonds. If the gum tissue is sore after your appointment, some warm salt water rinses will help it heal very quickly. Brush and floss as usual, unless otherwise instructed so that when its time to put in your permanent crown, the gums are as healthy as possible.