Family Dentistry

Unique family-style environment.

Family Dentist

One of the reasons we love being your family dentist is the relationships we form with our patients. It is very rewarding to provide care to an entire family. We are often able to see three or four generations pass through our practice! Nothing pleases us more than a patient having the confidence in our care to refer a family member. If you know someone who could benefit from our service, we would be honored to see them!

Meet the Dentists

Just want to tell you how much I appreciate your work and to thank you for my new smile! My front teeth appear so natural and pretty now that I can’t stop showing them off! Thank you so much.

Linda E.


Dental News

Electric brush vs. manual brush

We are always asked about the difference between a manual brush and an electric brush. Is it really better to use an electric brush? Absolutely! Your hand will never be as fast as the electric brush no matter how much you exercise. It is always obvious to us who is...

In response to the Associated Press article about dental flossing.

A recent article from the Associated Press indicating that there is little evidence to support flossing has caused a lot of ripples among dental professionals and patients alike. Flossing has been recommended by the Surgeon General since 1979 . However since the...