Case Studies

Case 1:

Taylor had lived her whole life with a gap between her front teeth. We discussed different treatment options, including Invisalign and veneers. We decided that bonding would be the best option as we wouldn’t need to cut her natural teeth and it could be completed in one visit.


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Case 2:

Bob was tired of living with crooked teeth and had actually noticed that he continued to bite his lip because his front teeth were out of position. His treatment included 15 months of Invisalign treatment and smoothing the edges of his upper front teeth.



Veneers_front_teethCase 3:

Gary had some bonding placed on his front six teeth many years before. It has begun to stain and he had lost confidence in his smile. After adjusting his bite to make sure his dentistry would last as long as possible, we placed veneers on his front six teeth.






before and after.003Case 4:

Carey wasn’t happy with her smile due to her crowded teeth. We decided that Invisalign was the best treatment and it only took about 9 months to complete! She couldn’t be happier!






Case 5:

Greg had a crown on a front tooth that he did not like and wasn’t happy with the shape of some of his front teeth. We did composite bonding on his right canine, 3 veneers and a new crown.








Case 7:

Dawn wasn’t happy with her smile and had a lot of gum recession. First, we did a gum graft to cover the exposed roots, then we did Invisalign to straighten her teeth. Finally, we improved the shape of her front teeth with 4 veneers.








Case 8:

This little guy ran into a wall playing basketball and chipped his two front teeth. We restored it with a simple bonding procedure.








Case 9:

Matt did not like the spaces between his front teeth. We filled those spaces with composite bonding in one visit.









Case 10:

Bob had a failing crown on his left front tooth. We removed the tooth and restored it with an implant and crown.